SCFF Award winners 2010

SCFF Award Winners

Congratulations to the 16 films that were winners in the Grand Jury and Audience Award competitions.  The works made by this creative, diverse group is truly remarkable.  We are proud to be contributing to their success, and to supporting and celebrating the work of all 133 films the Festival presented in 2010.  They’re all winners.

Best Narrative Feature
Do Elephants Pray? (Paul Hills, UK/France)

Actress Julie Dray, Do Elephants Pray?, accepting the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature.

Emerging Filmmaker Prize
Machotaildrop (Corey Adams & Alex Craig, USA/Canada)

Best Documentary Feature
House of Numbers (Brent W. Leung, USA/UK/Canada/China/South Africa/Germany/France/Switzerland)

Best EarthVision Environmental Film
Burning in the Sun (Cambria Matlow & Morgan Robinson, USA/Mali)


Morton Marcus Memorial Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature
Liquor Store Cactus (Eugene Kim, USA)

Best Documentary Feature
La Vie en Verte: The WAMM Movie (Charlie Hall & Bevin Bell-Hall, USA)

Best EarthVision Environmental Film
Paddle to Seattle: Journey through the Inside Passage (J.J. Kelley & Josh Thomas, USA)

Best Narrative Short
Cried Suicide (Lauren Palmigiano, USA)

Best Documentary Short
Ride a Wave (Rocky Romano, USA)

Best Animated Film
Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No (James Blagden, USA)

Best Experimental Work
Plastic and Glass (Tessa Joosse, France)

Best International Film
Garbage Dreams (Mai Iskander, USA/Egypt)

Best Locally Produced Work
Until We Meet Again… Building a School in Tanzania (Peggy Seltz, USA/Tanzania)

Best Student Produced Work
Annie in the Aisle of Irma (Tess Sweet, USA)

Evan Kuhn Memorial Audience Award for Best Youth-Produced Work
Youth Voices ’08 (Sydney Matterson, USA)

Given by the Festival to a film that had a unique and special impact and response.
The Westsiders (Joshua Pomer, USA)